The High School Journal of Mathematics is a quarterly journal published by students of high school age (though we do accept exceptional work from younger students). The journal has three purposes:

I. Publish high-quality research from high school age students,

II. Publish informative and interesting articles to bring mathematics to a larger audience of people, and

III. Give the opportunities (which they may have otherwise missed) such as editing, publishing, and perhaps just reading on math to high school age students.

We publish on any area of mathematics from philosophical logic to calculus to the history of mathematics to algebraic geometry. Submissions can be of any length (though submissions larger than 10,000 words may have a higher chance of being rejected), and can be on any mathematical subject and should be sent to hsmathjournal@gmail.com. Ideally these submissions should be formatted in Latex. To read more on how to submit go to our submissions page.

Aside from interesting submissions on mathematics we are also looking for editors. The High School Journal of Mathematics is looking for editors of all ages, ranging from high school Freshmen to Professors of mathematics. To read more about how to become an editor go to our ‘Apply’ page.


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